What is SQAS?

SQAS (Safety & Quality Assessment System) is a system to evaluate the quality, safety, security and environmental performance of Logistics Service Providers (LSP's) and Chemical Distributors in a uniform manner by single standardised assessments carried out by independent assessors using a standard questionnaire.

Safety and Quality Assessment Systems (SQAS)A growing number of chemical companies use Cefic’s Safety and Quality Assessment Systems (SQAS) for evaluating the safety, security, quality and environmental standards of their logistics service providers. SQAS assessments are carried out by a European network of accredited independent third-party assessors using a standard questionnaire. This ensures consistency and avoids duplication of assessments.

QAS now covers all key service providers in the land-logistics chain: road transport companies, intermodal operators and terminals, rail carriers, rail tank car maintenance workshops, packaged goods warehouses and tank cleaning stations.

A similar scheme (ESAD) has been developed for chemical distributors, in co-operation with the European Chemical Distributors Association (FECC). The same concept has also been applied for sea and barge transport through the Chemical Distribution Institute (CDI) and the European Barge Inspection Scheme (EBIS). More than 3000 SQAS assessments have already been carried out across Europe. All assessment reports are stored in a central database and are accessible to interested chemical and transport companies, members of the SQAS Service Group. SQAS helps transport companies in identifying and improving their weak areas and assists chemical companies in evaluating their service providers. SQAS is a means for continuous improvement and therefore an important element of Responsible Care applied to logistics operations. Safety and Quality Assessment Systems (SQAS): SQAS Rail Transport.

In co-operation with UIC (Union Internationale de Chemins de Fer / International Association of Railway Companies), an SQAS package for rail carriers was launched in 2000.

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