Proactive technical inspection

In order to reduce damage costs, leakage risk, ... we can provide proactive technical inspection directly at the site.

Damaged wagon management

In the event of unplanned downtimes, you can rely on our many years of know-how and large contact network of mobile service teams and workshops. If one of your wagons suffers damage, we’ll immediately inform you, advise you with regard to repairs and the expected costs - including downtime, cleaning and empty freight runs - and will arrange an immediate replacement.

Repairs will be carried out, where possible and practical, directly at the site by the mobile service teams offered by us. This saves time and money as no transport runs to the workshops need to be made. If a stop at a workshop can’t be avoided, the specialists at RTChem will intervene to keep repair times down to a minimum. We’ll keep you regularly updated on the status of the damaged wagon for the duration of the repair. Last but not least, our strict invoice check guarantees that repair outlay remains within the boundaries of the quote