Fleet management / Fleet standardizing

Support is the key to success If requested, RTChem will manage your wagon fleet and, in doing so, relieve you of the burden of time and resource-intensive work which is not a part of your core business. As our intelligent fleet management system is based on the latest IT systems, you are always kept up to date via the monitoring tool with regard to what concerns your wagon fleet.

Administrative support

Reduce your administrative effort by means of a virtual dossier on our monitoring system. Your dossier, which contains all the data relating to your transport fleet - photos and documents, is managed by us and can be viewed by you at any time via the internet. We’ll take care of rental agreements, inspections and non-routine maintenance expenses, look after invoice verification and further charging in accordance with your requirements. And besides that, you’ll be saved from all the paperwork.
Technical support

The technical support provided by RTChem comprises consultancy in conjunction with technical and product-specific evaluations as well as dangerous goods evaluations concerning your equipment. In addition to that, we have the overview of the technical or legal revisions (e.g. AVV [General Administrative Fiat]) and utilise our know-how for you during negotiations with suppliers from the area of technology. We will be pleased to take care of Europe-wide and vendor-neutral RFP’s in your name for the equipment required by you