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In today's rapidly evolving "web-speed" business environment, transportation is a key way to create competitive advantages, differentiate your company, lower costs, and meet just-in-time delivery demands. Optimizing logistics performance, particularly in this industry, demands a well-formed plan for continuous operations improvement.

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The RTChem team combines years of collected expertise of the chemical industry and rail transport business to accurately identify and solve our clients’ unique business challenges. RTChem takes a strategic approach to designing and implementing unique logistics solutions for the chemical industry. Our breadth of expertise and services can address a wide range of logistics challenges, forming a basis for highly tailored solutions designed around your calendar and your budget.

Through a unique “a la carte” approach, flawless execution and balanced client interactions, RTChem can help close the gaps in your supply chain with agility and flexibility. Whether domestic or international, we take the time up-front to understand and appreciate your individual issues and tailor our solutions to your unique chemical logistics needs.


RTChem is singularly focused on the chemical industry, leveraging vast subject matter expertise to identify and solve our clients’ unique business challenges. RTChem provides the flexibility to respond to the specialized needs of our clients, and a hands-on team of experienced professionals dedicated to your success. Being an innovating company in the transport of liquids by rail we try to support our clients to the best of our ability. We understand that logistics might just be one component of your business and that it is difficult to be an expert in all areas. That's why we offer unparalleled support to our customers. Our staff is made up of top calibre people you might interact with on a daily basis. Our Logistics Support Department is here for you and we are ready to resolve any of your current or future problems.

Go ahead and try us ... many have and their satisfaction is a testament to our service! We promise you will never look back!